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Thanks to Rich in Variety for hosting this as their very first blog tour & to M. Hollis for providing an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review!

This novella was sweet and fun and just what I needed to get out of my reading slump! The main character, Chris, is a university dropout working at a local bookstore and has absolutely no clue what to do with her life. She’s thrilled when a cute and flirty new hire starts hitting on her but is it all just in her head? Afterall, the other girl is “probably straight.”

I loved following Chris as she worked in the bookstore, fell in love, and overcame her own self doubts. Chris’s apartment is decorated with posters that shout she’s unabashedly pansexual. There’s the pansexual flag, “Hearts not Parts”, and a pizza poster that made both Josie and me grin. Josie, the new girl, is endearing and has her own set of problems. Josie is a small Filipina ballerina in a world that’s still stuck holding tall, white bodies on a pedestal. Josie also hasn’t come out to her family yet.

I also really loved that the supporting characters didn’t default to white, straight, able-bodied folk either; Chris’s roommate is described as having “Afro-curly hair” and her boss, Lily, isn’t straight. This novella did great on holding up to its dedication.

“For every lonely girl out there in the world. May you find yourself in the pages of a book.”

My only complaint is that the writing does get a little awkward at times, switching tenses mid-sentence, which always pulled me out of the story. I also found that the writing spoiled the surprise of the climax. The outcome was painfully obvious due to the author suddenly switching to Josie’s point of view instead of continuing with Chris’s like the rest of the novella.

While The Melody of You and Me touches on heavier themes, it remains a lighthearted read that doesn’t shy away from steamy F/F fun. It was easy to whip through in an evening! I rate this novella 4 stars and I’m looking forward to the next instalment in the series.



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Cover of The Melody of Me and You by M. HollisAfter dropping out of university and breaking up with her girlfriend of three years, Chris Morrison’s life is now a mind-numbing mess. She doubts that working at the small neighborhood bookstore is going to change that. The rest of her time is spent mostly playing guitar and ignoring the many messages her mother keeps sending her about going back to college.

But one day, an adorable and charming new bookseller waltzes her way into Chris’s life. Josie Navarro is sweet, flirty, and she always has a new book in her hands. The two girls start a fast friendship that, for Chris, holds the promise of something more. But is she reading too much into this or is it possible that Josie feels the same way?

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