FREE Beginner Sewing Projects (That You’ll Actually Use)

As I finally started to get to know Helga, my mother’s old sewing machine, she started working smoother and smoother for me. Now I never (knock on wood) have issues with thread bunching up unless I know exactly what I did wrong; 99% of the time I let go of the thread too soon. This means I can sew more than a couple inches at a time and I’m itching for “real” projects to work on.

I started by trying to make some baby blocks for one of two new babies coming to my Minnesota family this year, but mixing textiles doesn’t seem to be working well. Not that the babies will care, but their mommas might be curious! It also took forever to cut squares without a rotary cutter or self-healing mat, so I’m picking up a set before I get going on this list.

Instead of designing my own projects right off the bat, I decided to throw together a practical bucket list of free patterns that are designed for beginners. They nearly all have simple lines and use cotton cloth, which is easy to work with. I plan on upcycling cloth from the thrift store or old clothes that don’t fit wherever practical.

Burp Cloths (2x baby showers)

Bibs (2x baby showers)


Circle Skirt




Reusable Shopping Bags


Zippered Pouch


French Seam Pillow Case


Rice Heat Pack


Reversable Box Tote

All of the projects above should be fairly simple and by time I complete these projects I’ll be ready to move up in the sewing world to more interesting projects.

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