First ARC Ever!

 *Update: I finished the book & loved it! Read the review.

A couple weeks ago I stumbled upon the beautiful cover of Risuko and knew I had to read it. Naturally, I went to nab it on Goodreads and saw that it actually wasn’t released yet, so I just added it to my TBR so it wouldn’t be forgotten.

Not two days later, author David Kudler contacted me on Goodreads and asked if I would like an Advance Reader Copy. This is right after I got done reading how incredibly difficult it is for blogs under six months old to get ARCs from publishers. I was hesitantly thrilled. After all, it might just be an ebook, which is still awesome, but I’m first and foremost a print girl. Even if it was a print edition, they may not be willing to pay the extra shipping fees to Canada.


Mr. Kudler was offering me a paperback copy and had zero qualms about sending it to Canada! Now I was unabashedly thrilled. He said they were looking for reviews, and any feedback I might have as the book still has room for tweaks.


Left: Ashley, Right: Lady

Risuko arrived in the mail and I took about a million photos. The hounds were incredibly intrigued by the new scents. After I opened up the package, I let Lady go at the bubble wrap envelope and she had a hay day tearing it to pieces.


Kudler kindly sent three bookmarks along with the book, and wrote a short note on the cover page for me. Here’s a sneak peak:


“Kate, Thanks so much for reading Risuko! I look forward to hearing what you think.”

What is your all-time favorite book cover?
How did you get your first physical ARC?

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