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I moved into a basement apartment in my de facto in-laws’ house at the very end of March. Prior to this, it was used as party central for two teenage boys, and before that, a home for my significant other’s aging grandfather. After his passing, it was too painful for anyone to sort through his belongings, so it’s all remained stuffed away in cabinets and drawers and wardrobes for years.

I’ve spent the last month boxing up his belongings, enjoying the insight into my boyfriend and his family’s life, and scrubbing various surfaces, objects, and shelves like I may get poisoned by mouse poop if it isn’t properly sanitized. Oh wait.

Most of the major areas have been cleaned out now, but my major task for today is going through the large pantry. Meanwhile, I’ll be dreaming of the day all I have to do is maintain my home’s cleanliness.


I thrive on the structure given by regular work hours, so now that I will continue to play housewife for the next few months, I designed a routine to help keep me in check. I love the beautiful designs available through Pinterest, but they were all far too extensive and were geared towards Christian homeowners.


My routine is simply laid out on a single sheet so you don’t have to consult multiple pages throughout the day. To accomplish this, I condensed multiple chores into one list item. For example, I know that when I do the dishes, the dishes aren’t really done unless I also wipe down the kitchen counters.


wholeI’m going to stick mine in a plastic cover and put it on the fridge with a dry erase marker to save paper and ink. Instead of just including cleaning chores, I also have reminders for fitness, taking the time to train Lady and Ashley, and remembering to meditate in the morning. I did not include any yard work, garage cleaning, or large appliance maintenance which is usually the responsibility of landlords.

Here’s a free copy for my fellow apartment-dwelling dog owners.

It’s simple, it’s beautiful, it has everything I need and nothing I don’t.


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