6 Signs You Might Be a Crazy Dog Parent

Happy first adoption day to my hounds! It may not be the first time you were adopted but it’s almost certainly the first time you’ve made it to the one-year benchmark in a home. I hope you know you’re here to stay and I hope that makes you feel happy and safe. In the past two years we accidentally celebrated your birthday twice, we moved to a new home, we learned the command ‘sit’ even though professionals said you’d never be able to, and so much more.

Here are a few things I do that definitely signal to normal humans that I’m a crazy dog parent.



1. Your dogs’ nicknames include word combinations like angelface, honeybun, and fuzzybutt.


2. You have no qualms about removing eye boogers to ensure your pups look their best in front of friends, families, and smartphone cameras!


3. Wait, smartphone cameras? Your DSLR is used almost exclusively to photograph your dogs.


4. You’re more concerned about the ingredients in your dogs’ food than your own.


5. You’ve slept on the couch because the pups were taking up too much space on the bed. Multiple times.


6. You go online window shopping for clothing, just for fun. Yes, dog clothing.

Which criteria do you fit and which have I forgotten? Wait – does that mean you’re crazier than me?

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